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Customer Testimonials

Netherhall 1 Jack P517

" Very happy with Netherhall 1 Jack P517 progeny! "

Hollyvale Herefords

Netherhall 1 MATTY S098 (Cogent bull stud)

" Netherhall 1 MATTY S098 (P) calves are easily born with short gestation and low birthweights! They have fantastic quality and show great length and width across the loin. "


Hereford x Limousin

" Melanie crosses her Limousin and Blue commercial cows with a Netherhall Hereford! "

Melanie Forward

Chatsworth Estate

" Calving is now in full swing at Chatsworth, with 59% of the Hereford herd calving through the first cycle (3 weeks). Some decent calf’s out of
Netherhall bulls Daffy & Moose, spring is coming!

Jack Charleton

Short Gestation Bulls

" We had a team of Netherhall Hereford bulls last summer, They pulled our calving in by 7 days without a doubt. Looking foward to another team arriving this spring to join the existing team from Netherhall.

1st Hereford from Netherhall Herefords, the cow was served 8 days after the mothers of the blues. Short gestation to tidy up the last 3 weeks breeding in 2!

Henry Mably, Cornwall

Benson Hall, Kendal

" Great bull, lovely and quiet. Gets everything in calf and easy calving. "

R Ladds

Park End, Wigton

" Photo of first calf off new bull, looking great. "

A, Tyson

Towncroft Farm, Garstang

" We love our bull Teddy he is a great cross on our Montbéliarde cows. "


High Gate Side Farm, Cartmel

" So pleased with the bulls, very quiet easy to handle. Calves are growing on well. "

Phillip Wilson

Cannon Winder Farm, Flookburgh

" “Good temperament bull, gets them in calf, easy calving for both heifers and cows, the calves are soon up are suckling off their mothers and they’ve grown into good strong store cattle. "


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